HAFF still manufactures Planimeters

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Planimeter / Area Measuring Instrument, Integrator

For many years HAFF manufactures planimeters.

And since 1985 in digital execution.


Examples of use of all planimeters

Planimeters are used most frequently in:
Agriculture, Aircraft Design, Architecture, Biology, Cartography, Chemistry, Civil Engineering,
Cross-section Measurement, Development & Planning Commissions, Diagram Measurement, Engineering,
Environment Control, Electro-plating, Estate Agents, Estimating, Flood Control, Forestry Management,
Geology, Heating/Air Conditioning, Highway Planning, Hydraulic Engineering, Irrigation Engineering,
Landscape Architecture, Land-use Analysis, Leather Industry, Legal, Local Councils, Map Making,
Mechanical Engineering, Medical Research, Military, Mining & Soil Engineering, Oil Industry, Physics,
Pollution Control, Railways, Research Insitutes, Road Construction, Ship Building, Site Planning,
Statistics, Technology, Textile Industry, Traffic Control Systems, Volume Calculation, Weight Calculation (Static)

Examples of use:

Architecture and Planning:
Measurement of catchment areas for water supply, Measurement of populated areas to estimate changes in
water requirements and waste water volumes for the planning of water supply and drainage, and traffic
density for the planning of raod systems etc.

Agriculture and Forestry:
Measurement of areas of fields, woodland and scrub of estimating requirements for seed,
fertilizer, pest control agents, stock possibilities, etc. can all be made more accurately.

Mechanical Engineering:
During the development, testing and inspection of heat engines ( Marine Diesel ), the indicator diagrams  are
evaluated with the aid of the planimeter and the performance and efficiency can be determined.

In metal and plastic engineering cross-sectional areas, including hollow bodies, are measured
in order to calculate volumes and weights.

Technology and Science:
In botany, leaf area  can be of measured to determine the capacity of assimilitation during
growth tests as well as the effectiveness of insecticides. Measurement of coloured bands in chromotography
for analysis.

Structural & Civil Engineering:
Essentially the planimeter can only be used for measuring plane areas, but volumes can also be found quite
simply with a little extra work. The areas within contour lines, or cross-sections, are plotted
on a graph and the area under the graph is measured to give the volume.

Calculating the size of organs by the measurement of radiographs, radiation tomographs or ultrasound
pictures made at various levels.

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